Sunday, 22 January 2012

Hard Rock Cafe Penang 2012 LE Jimi Hendrix Fender Sig 29 Series Guitar pin

Hard Rock Cafe Pin Badge San Diego 2012 Jimi Hendrix Autograph Fender Stratocaster Guitar Pin, 
Signature Series 29, LE.  The pin includes a large bold, Jimi Hendrix facsimile autograph across the bottom of the guitar body. Jimi was left-handed, but played right-handed guitars, like this one..

The back of the card includes the following information, along with an <Authentic Hendrix> logo on the back of the card: "Your purchase supports two deserving charities. Help make music education available to all communities and motivate youth to achieve through music. 15% will directly benefit the Fender Music Foundation and the Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation." Personally I share the opinion put forth on Wikipedia that Jimi was "…widely considered to be the greatest guitarist in musical history." The manual dexterity he exhibit, combine with the amazing range of sound he could generate with only the simplest electronic aids that were available during his lifetime formed his signature sound. 
Pin comes on the original retail card  & in mint condition. The card includes a larger version of a facsimile reproduction of Jimi's incredible signature. Pin back shown ~ Limited Edition.

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